How to build with Android Studio

Android Studio

Select Configuration on Reebyte’s Toolbar, it will display pop up window like an image below.

And then, choose Android platform on Build Target and save it. After that, choose Build and and pop up window appear to select your build location.

Once build finished it will create an Android Project folder like this.

And now, open your Android Studio if you don’t have it you can download it here. And then, open your recent project that you have created before and locate it on where you create.

Change Package’s Name

When the project loaded on Android Studio, change your package name by following these steps.

Right click on “reebyte” folder -> Refactor -> and Rename it. Do the same thing on “Loader” folder as well. When you click on rename it will display this small pop up window.

Change the name to the new name you want, and refactor it. And take a look on the bottom of Android Studio and click on Do Refactor button.

Change App’s Version & Name

Take a look on your project hierarchy and select on AndroidManifest.xml here, and change it to newest version especially when you want to upload it to the Google Play.

And when you need a new app name you can take a look here and change it.

Change App’s Icon

Go to app > res > mipmap > icon and right click on icon folder and select new > image asset.

Select Icon Type > Launcher Icon > switch Asset Type to Image and find your own icon image if you dont want to put any background on your icon select shape to none. and make sure it’s named as icon so, you don’t need to change anything but replace default android studio icon.

when it’s all set then click Next and Finish.

When it all finished, you can buildĀ and choose a debug version of apk or signed apk.

Debug Mode

you can go to Build -> Build Bundle (s) / APK (s) -> Build Apk(s).

Once it finished it will display a pop up in the right corner of android studio and you can locate the apk file and send to your phone to begin testing. Remember! it’s just a debug version, you can not upload it to Google Play.

Signed Release Apk

You can choose Build -> Generate Signed Bundle (s) / APK (s)

And choose APK

You can create a new key or use the existing one

Create new if you dont have one, and another dialog box will appear.

Choose keystore path, and type a password for your key and the rest form must be filled until complete.

And when you have created the key, then start it to build APK.

Select your key that you have been create before, and type the key store password and alias and key password and you can proceed to the next step.

Select build type to release, and check on V2 (Full APK Signature).