The Reebyte Documentation helps you learn how to use the Reebyte Editor and its associated services. You can read it from start to finish, or use it as a reference Reebyte Documentation selection

Working With Reebyte

Project Templates

Project Templates provide preselected settings based on common Visual Novel.

This Project Templates uses the following features :
Backround Image, this tool allows you to use background on your Visual Novel Project.
Join Scene, any character that you have created will show with this command.
Show Text, this tool allows you to show the conversation within dialog box.
Text, this tool allows you to edit conversation.
Exit Scene, this tool allows you to give an order to choose which character will exit on screen.
Hide Text, this tool allows you to hide the conversation box.

Learning the interface



The workspace window displays your component that you have been created, each component will run will run sequentially from above, and also you can drag anywhere to move a component and change the order. Any component that you don’t need anymore can be deleted by pressing “X” on each component. There are several colors that each group of component has.


Advance Menu Window

Contains several menus to help you work like

Components Display every components, and used with Work Space

Asset Window In this window, you can access and manage the assets that belong to your project such as Background, Images, Character, Sound Effect, Music.

Scenes Contain the environments and menus of your project. you can access and manage the scenes that you have created before.

Live Preview

The Live Preview is your interactive view into the world you are creating. You will use the Live Preview to select and position scenery, characters, Image, or even Particles. Being able to Select, manipulate and modify objects in the Live Preview are some of the first skills you must learn to begin working in Reebyte.

Menu Bar

The Toolbar consist of 10 controls

Display your current active scene

Bring you back to project list’ menu

Export project (.reb) to local storage.

Once you have specified your build settings, you can click Build to create your build

The Configuration window allows you to choose your target platform, adjust settings for your build, and before you start the build process.

Click Preview Build Version in the Toolbar to see how your published game plays.

Preview your current active scene.

Save your changed project.

Create new scenes.

Properties window

Properties are settings and options for selected components that can be edited in the inspector.

Reebyte’s Menu Bar

There are 7 elements displayed on Reebyte’s toolbar

Export Project

Export Reebyte’s project (.reb) to local file.


Once you have specified your build settings, you can click Build to create your build


The Configuration window allows you to choose your target platform, adjust settings for your build, and before you start the build process.


  • Import Image Logo Choose your own logo for your Reebyte’s project with 250 x 250 px images. if you didn’t choose one, it will display Reebyte’s logo by default
  • Import Dialog Box Image Choose your own dialog box with 1803 x 378 px images.
  • Reset to Default Reset Dialog box image to default.
  • Show Rebyte Logo If it’s checked, it will shown after first image logo, if you didn’t change the first image logo it will display Reebyte’s logo twice.
  • Platform List Selecting one of the platforms will control which platform will be built
    • Windows Build for Windows
    • Mac Build for Mac
    • Android Build for Android devices
    • IOS Build for iOS devices
    • Web Game Build for HTML 5 / Facebook Instant Games
  • First Scene The first scene displayed when the project are running.
  • View Rescale Project’s layout.
  • Reset Layout set layout to default setting.

Preview Build Version

Use the buttons in the Taskbar to see how your published game plays.

Preview Scene

Preview your current active scene.

Save Scene

Scene changes include modifications to any objects in the Workspace. For example, adding, moving or deleting Components, changing parameters of to save changes to the scene,hit Ctrl+ S. This saves current changes to the scene and does a “Save Project” . This means that when you do a “Save Scene”, everything is saved.

Create New Scene

When the new scene file is created, the Scene Editor will open showing the new, with default of component of scene.

click on Scenes in Advance Menu to see all of scenes that you have created


Components are the nuts & bolts of objects and behaviors in a project. each Component has it own function that may help you work with Reebyte and separated by several groups.






Steam SDK (Windows Platform)

Ads (Mobile Platform)

How To Build

Build Tips