Show Particle

Simple images or meshes that are displayed and moved in great numbers by a Show Image. Each particle represents a small portion of a fluid or amorphous entity and the effect of all the particles together creates the impression of the complete entity.

Default Particle

Show Particle Properties


  • Browse (Particle Image) Select image rendered for particles.
  • Positioning Tool set particle position
  • Position (X, Y) Position value of the particle.
  • Rotation (X, Y, Z) Rotation value of the particle.
  • Minimum Size Minimum size for spawned particle.
  • Maximum Size Maximum size for spawned particle.
  • Duration If it is not looping this duration will set how long a particle spawned.
  • Bool (Fade In) A transition effect before particle spawned.
  • Bool (Fade Out) A transition effect before particle destroyed.
  • Bool (Looping) If checked a particle will endlessly generated
  • Lifetime Duration The lifetime duration for spawned particles.
  • Speed how fast particle will spawned.
  • Gravity Scales the gravity value, A value of zero switches gravity off.
  • Max Particle The maximum number of particles in the system at once. If the limit is reached, some particles are removed.
  • Rate Over Time The rate at which new particles are spawned, over time.
  • Color particle image’s color.
  • Channel group index of particle object.