Show Admob Banner

Show admob banner. This features only available in mobile platform.


if you are new to Admob please sign up on Admob and create your app’s ads.

if you have an Admob account you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Fill Admob Id, Banner ID, Interstitial ID.
  2. Save project setting
  3. Show your ads.

You can fill it with an example admob id here.

Admob ID : ca-app-pub-3940256099942544~3347511713

Banner ID :  ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/6300978111

Interstitial ID : ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/1033173712

Once you finished this setup you can show your ads on your apps.

Show Banner Ads Properties


Position your banner position placement.

Size size of your banner ads.